Personal Ownership – Personal Freedom
This past week’s theme in my CORE Transformation 10 Week program has all been around discussing the NLP Presupposition the[...]
The Biggest Announcement of My Life!
⚠️THE BIGGEST ANNOUNCEMENT OF MY LIFE⚠️ Oh my God! I’m actually very emotional writing this. Yes, it's my birthday, but[...]
Understanding Perspective – Pineapples in Lasagna
Here's another fun story on the NLP Presupposition "The Map is not the Territory" This speaks to that each and[...]
Better Communication – Why won’t she pick up my call?
Here's an NLP principle that has given me much success in life over the years. "The meaning of communication is[...]
Life Long Learning. The Urgency to Read.
When I was 5 years old (maybe 6), my mother used to take my sister and I to the local[...]
The Map is not the Territory – How not to give advice
  If you’ve ever taken any sort of workshop with me around communication, you’ll know of a little exercise I[...]
De-clutter and De-stress… your Smart-Phone
Let me start by saying this is not another how to clean up junk on your smart phone article. So…[...]

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