I'm on a MISSION to personally transform ONE THOUSAND lives...

... and through them, the world!

Here's How.

I know that ONE THOUSAND lives doesn't seem like a lot and perhaps isn't as visionary and inspiring as saying maybe 1 MILLION lives.  So let me clarify.  

I will directly work with 1000 individuals and give them the methods, mindset and access to their heart's wisdom which will massively change the path that they were on.  

This requires real work and I am factoring in ONLY those individuals that I work with one on one through my Transformation by Design program.

That's 50 people that I personally coach and train over the next 20 years of my life!

If I do this, by altering their path and enabling them towards results, the ASK of them, is to be a model for just 10 other lives that are close to.

Their partners, their children, their friends and family.

And if those 10 empower 10 others, the impact is quite exponential over just a handful of generations.

Basically, it's like a network marketing scheme (LOL) but the objective isn't money.

And this doesn't include the change-work interventions or any one that may benefit from attending a talk, attend a workshop or training, or even all the individuals I will never hear from but have benefited from the free resources I have shared on the web.

This is how, together, we can transform the world!

My Why...

I’ve always had a passion in personal development, motivation and why we behave and think the way we do. And so, I took (and continue to take) every opportunity to increase my knowledge in these fields and consume trainings, weekend workshops, webinars, books, podcasts etc…

Often in social settings, when I’m talking about what I do, people usually say something like, “Hey, it’s awesome that you’re doing something you are passionate about” or “You’re following your passion, good for you!”

And I’ll be honest, while I do acknowledge and appreciate the sentiment, it doesn’t quite sit well, just doesn’t do justice to what this is all about…

First of all, for those that know me lol, I have many passions, lol! But more importantly, the truth is that I made a conscious choice to focus my efforts on this work, which leaves little time to work on the profitable technology reseller business that I built from the ground up. If Coach the Mind was motivated by a desire for more money, lol, it’s a bad business move given what I already had built. But to live in my own integrity it is the choice forward as having money only gets you so far… 

We live in a world that while we’ve had great advancements, we’re being constantly bombarded with messages, psychology and so called truths that are manufactured by companies who just want to sell more product regardless of the consequences they create. Even in this industry of wellness and personal development, I run into too many people that are more concerned with their personal ego and selling the next product or service, than their concern with actually making a difference – which in my opinion is worse, a matter of integrity, because we’re supposed to be in the helping profession.

And at the same time, I have in my journeys, met individuals, showing us and the world, the amazing impact that is possible when we are the best versions of ourselves -this needs to spread, to remind us all that there is much more possible.

We could use more kindness, more love, more understanding, more communication, more teaching, more empowerment and more interdependence. And these are all skills that have a methodology to them and can be taught and learned.

It’s not just a passion… it’s realizing that there are better ways to address root cause, not symptoms, that it doesn’t have to take long, that we have choice, to really de-hypnotize from all the hypnosis out there, and to join with those who serve as a reminder of what humanity is capable of when it’s at its best.

So no, it’s not just passion… it’s mission!

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