One on One

The coaching relationship is one of the most valuable investments towards personal freedom and success.  


In my sessions, I know it is important to create an environment of absolute trust and authenticity.  

I don't follow conventional forms of coaching which is limited to the conscious mind, focuses on the story and why you feel the way you do.

This often yields slow results because it gives power to the story.

My aim is towards giving you the resources you need to move forward in life. I focus on teaching you methods which allows you take control over your own change. I visit the past only to transform it, allowing you to change your relationship with your past, effectively changing your story.

Because I integrate HeartMath, NLP and Hypnosis into my work, I can teach you how to leverage the power of your heart's intuition and deepest parts of your unconscious mind to achieve personal success.

Through these methods, we create powerful experiences that gives you authentic change.  

Sessions with me are educational and transformative!

You will come out empowered with the change and also techniques and methodology to keep moving forward!

Change-Work Interventions

A Change-Work Intervention is best for single-context issues in which you are looking to change.

The sessions are experiential interventions that are designed to allow you to finally process stuck emotions and actually break through limiting beliefs.

I have helped individuals break through patterns of limiting beliefs and emotional distress, including:

  • Transforming stress and anxiety
  • Letting go of past trauma
  • Stopping addictive behaviours
  • Getting rid of phobias
  • Victim mindset
  • Taking control of automatic behaviours
  • Letting go of self-sabotage and destructive habits
  • Dealing with nervousness and performance anxiety
  • Resolving internal conflict

And changing it to:

  • Living each day with clarity of intention and energy to take action
  • Knowing how to create powerful resourceful internal states
  • Moving forward, finally free of the past
  • Being in control and directing your thoughts and behaviours
  • Being emotionally resilient and integrated
  • Being whole and congruent

A session is booked for 3 hours as I don’t believe in booking a time slot. The work is done when it’s done. And the last thing I want is for you to be on a verge of a breakthrough and the time is up. I never let you leave until the learnings and resources are completely installed and running.   

Typically however, we are done around the 90 minute mark.

I do encourage everyone to first book a complimentary consultation so that we can chat. I want to make sure that I can indeed help and I’m sure you have questions.

To describe what happens in the session is like trying to describe what something tastes like. Words are simply metaphorical representations really, and you can’t truly understand until you just take a bite of it and taste it yourself. And even with that it is a unique experience for each individual.

But, in an attempt to describe these sessions, I follow a three step structure.

1. Understanding the structure and in's and out's of how you're manifesting the issue. This is very different than why you feel the way you do. Rather it is my job to understand the structure in which the issues exists. Because I don't focus on the why, it is not necessary to share the story (this allows me to also work content-free). It is a skillset that I have developed and trained in over many years which allows me to elicit the patterns that you're running unconsciously which is creating the issue.

2. Through my own process, utilizing methods from NLP and Hypnosis, you will have a powerful experience which allows you to take control of your patterns and transform them to what you desire.

3. I teach you methods which you can practice yourself each day moving forward in order for the change to become habit and the new normal for you.

We work at the unconscious root of the problem, not just the surface symptoms. Because I work with both the unconscious and the conscious mind, change happens rather quickly and are permanent.

Clients often report feeling very light and different after the session and I often get a text or email several months later telling me how that original issue is totally gone, just from the single session.

To find out if a Change-Work Intervention is for you, schedule a complimentary consultation call with me.

Transformation by Design - Emotional Resiliency. Mindset Mastery.

This is for individuals that are looking to completely transform and take control of how they are living their lives.

We spend the first session doing a thorough check of all major themes in your life and identify where conflict exists and opportunities for growth.

I then create a customized and flexible plan that includes the following three milestones:

1. Resolving internal conflicts and releasing all pre-existing emotional and mental blocks from personal history.

2. Creation and conscious design of desired Lifestyle. This is not a goal setting exercise, but it is rather a process of awaking and accessing the heart's intuition and planning a future which respects the themes that are important to you in accordance with your integrity.

3. Executing and debriefing on as needed basis. The relationship then shifts to an open format where you can book "Breakthrough Sessions" at a preferred rate to keep momentum going and addressing future challenges as they come.

To discuss if you're ready for a deep dive towards personal transformation, schedule a complimentary consultation call with me.

The Resilient Heart - Virtual Mentoring Program

This is for individuals that are looking to transform stress, anxiety, depression, anger or other depleting emotional states.

Based upon the research of HeartMath® Institute, this program consists of four 90 minute bi-weekly calls.

Besides being a Certified Trainer, I am also a Certified Coach and Mentor with HeartMath Institute.

This program can either be a stand-alone program or as an add-on to the Resilient Advantage Workshop.

I encourage you to take the complimentary Stress and Well-Being Assessment by clicking here.

Then contact me and set up a consultation call to see if this program would be a good fit for you.

What my Clients Say


“Mohammed taught me the tools I needed to work thru understanding my emotions, setting healthy boundaries and feeling confident in my position to say no. I have found a new appreciation for self-care and investing in myself and I can now easily spot the difference in those who follow this approach and those who choose to remain the same. I believe in change as growth and Mohammed helped facilitate that process.”

Hira K.


“One session with Mohammed and the significant arthritic pain I have been enduring daily for the past couple of years immediately vanished! Honestly, one session with Mohammed cost less than a month's worth of pain meds.
He is gentle, kind and wise. It was a pleasure spending time with him. I have been recommending this to everyone I know”

Maureen S.


“Wise, strategic and compassionate... Mohammed really has exceptionally great energy that instantly turned my weakness into strength though his coaching. 100% recommended. Very grateful to him.”

Jackie W.

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