RecFest - SMILE Canada

Toronto, ON
April 27 2019

On April 27th, SMILE will be hosting, RECFEST, an annual community event to celebrate diversity and ability through a carnival of fun! Families will have the opportunity to experience the joy of play and sport in an accessible environment with activities for all ages and all abilities!

I'll be there as a Sponsor.  Look for the Coach the Mind both and drop by and say hello!

HypnoThoughts Live 2019

Las Vegas, NV
August 16-19 2019

HypnoThoughts Live is the fastest growing hypnosis conference on earth right now.  When you come to HypnoThoughts Live you come for the education and the interaction!

I'll be there both as a Speaker, delivering a 2 hour mini-training called "Be the Smartest Person in the Room" and then delivering my HeartMath® Workshop as a Post-Conference 1 day training.

HypnoBiz Canada 2019

Toronto, ON
October 26-27 2019

Find me at Canada's own Hypnosis conference.  This will be second year here.  I will be delivering a 1 hour presentation called The Anatomy of Change:  Learn the underlying structure that necessitates change.  Stop always wondering "which process/technique do I use with my client?"  When you understand the structure, you can now focus on desired outcome and change the patterns your client is running that is keeping them stuck.  Your change-work will move to a whole other level!

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